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Irish Driving Licence Information

This service is for Irish citizens and provides information only on Irish driving licences, as well as some helpful advice on the processes involved.

These are all common questions asked by people trying to find out information relating to driving licences in Ireland.

Be prepared in advance by confirming that you have all the correct documentation. Requirements will differ differ depending on your circumstances. The Irish Driving Licence Information line is available 24 hours a day on 1590 998 166 (2.95 per min).

We also provide information on application forms, identification requirements, applying for a replacement licence, fees and payment methods and application restrictions.

For clear advice & information on Driving Licences call
1590 998 166

calls cost 2.95 per minute

Irish Driving Licence Advice Information - Applications- Lost, stolen, damaged licences, Ireland

*Calls cost 2.95 per minute from a landline, calls from mobiles may cost more. 18+ bill payers only. Information on driving licences can also be provided by the Motor Taxation Office free of charge. This service is not connected with the Motor Taxation Office. Service provider A2B Telecom PO Box 413, Hants, GU14 4AQ, Help 0818444454 (this number is not for driving licence enquiries). This service is provided without any warranty or guarantee as to it's accuracy, or fitness for any particular purpose, usage of this service or website is at your own risk. This is not a qualified or professional advice service and we recommend that you contact the Motor Taxation Office  for further information, and before acting on any advice. It shall be your responsibility to ensure information be fit for your purpose, we cannot be held liable for any loss or damage arising from usage of this service or data associated with this service. This service's content has been collated from a range of official sources & is verified on a weekly basis. Terms & Copyright 2007 A2B